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Women’s Health News Writer

Accelerate Change




About the role

About Accelerate Change
  • Accelerate Change is a nonprofit (c3/c4) media lab dedicated to catalyzing new scalable and sustainable digital media models for citizen engagement.
  • We are particularly focused on developing new digital media models that engage communities of color and low-income communities, as well as models that bring together diverse citizens across class and race.
  • We focus on media ventures that are driving social change through news, education, and action.
  • Accelerate Change uses lean startup methodologies and other business strategies to help start-up nonprofit ventures and established organizations scale their digital media relationships and revenue.

Here’s some more information on those strategies:
  • Functional Organizing: Our model is based on the idea that membership organizations can experience explosive, financially sustainable growth when they provide a robust set of benefits and services that have an outstanding value to the people they seek to organize (“functional organizing”). Learn more about our model for scalable citizen organizing in the article, “The Secret of Scale” from the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
  • Lean startup methodologies: Our approach is centered on identifying challenges and unmet needs in people’s lives. We use lean startup methodologies to rigorously test ideas for services and benefits that could help address those pain points and provide real value in people’s everyday lives. Read more about our approach to experimentation in the article, “The Promise of Lean Experimentation” from the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Accelerate Change supports some of the fastest growing nonprofit digital media ventures in the country, with a particular focus on communities of color. We also work with a select group of established nonprofit organizations to experiment with new digital media initiatives. Our partners include:
  • PushBlack, the nation’s largest nonprofit media platform for Black people, reaches over 8 million Black Americans each month with Black news, history, and culture stories.
  • Revolution English, a nonprofit news and education program for immigrants, provides bi-lingual news and information that empowers immigrants to navigate life in America.
  • Pulso, a national nonprofit media organization focused on Latinx communities, reaches over 2 million Latinx Americans each month with culturally relevant news and information.
  • ParentsTogether, a national, parent-led nonprofit media organization, helps over 2 million subscribers stay up to date on the issues affecting their families.
  • La Alianza, a digital news service for immigrants and domestic workers created by the National Domestic Workers Alliance, provides Spanish-language stories to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Accelerate Change’s team of 12 central staff and 35 venture staff bring a diverse mix of tech, business, organizing, and media backgrounds that contribute to identifying solutions and developing new media and citizen engagement models.

About the Position
  • Accelerate Change is seeking part-time, remote freelance news writers to create original news stories focused on women’s health, wellness, and sexuality.
Here’s what you could expect to do as a Women’s Health News Writer (Freelance):
  • Pitching, researching, writing, and editing 3-5 short original news articles per week in the areas of women’s health, wellness, and sexuality, with a journalistic tone and style
  • Submitting at least one open source image per article (sources provided)
  • Ensuring all work is well-researched and factual and all citations are complete, thorough, and accurate
  • Participating in pre-arranged phone or video meetings, as needed (Monday through Friday, during normal business hours)
  • Completing other optional writing projects, as needed, such as updating existing content, editing, translating, etc.

What We’re Looking For
  • Commitment to social justice. Accelerate Change is a mission-driven organization focused on progressive social change and social justice, with a focus on communities of color. You have a demonstrated commitment to this work and you’d like to be part of a team of people who do, too.
  • Journalism experience in digital media environment. You’ve previously covered women’s health topics in written news stories for other digital media companies, and you know how to efficiently research and write high-quality news stories with a journalistic tone.
  • Strong virtual communication. You have availability to communicate with our staff as needed via email and Slack and participate in pre-arranged phone or video meetings each week (Monday through Friday, during normal business hours).

Compensation and Commitment
This is a part-time, 3-month contract role with the potential to renew. The following rates apply:
  • $.40/word: Pitching, researching, writing, and editing 3 to 5, 300- to 500-word original news articles per week
  • $30 per hour: Participating in pre-arranged phone or video meetings and/or completing other optional writing-related projects, as needed
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Women’s Health News Writer

Accelerate Change

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