Lancer.to was born of personal experience. I started my professional career as a freelancer following an internship that went nowhere at a local design agency.

At the time I was a graphic designer getting more into web design when you still designed websites in photoshop and similar tools before coding anything.

Nowadays I work full-time but still have my eyes open for freelance jobs to find or refer friends to on the side. The process of searching and the amount of opportunities available is really exciting to me. This is especially true when a good match is made.

One of my best freelance clients was discovered practically under a rock and to this day we still have a working relationship some 5 years later following a response to an online job listing.

This experience and others are the reason lancer.to exists. It's not your typical freelance job site where you work for scraps. There are no fancy calculators or marketplaces designed to benefit the app itself. Instead, lancer.to a simple approach to higher quality freelance jobs aimed at categories we feel operate best both remotely and via contract positions.

Our goal is to keep freelancers doing what they love doing and give employers a new place to hire vetted contractors. If we can make the search for continued contract work more feasible and continued high-quality contract workers abundant, then we have succeeded in our venture.

– Andy Leverenz

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